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Andy Wilkinson




     I am based in the 'Bronte' countryside in West Yorkshire where I am lucky to have an unlimited opportunity to access the surrounding beauty of moor land landscape and the Yorkshire Dales to capture stunning images.

My subject range is varied and my web galleries span over 30 years of work both in England and many countries around the world. With experience in assignments in commerce, studio and promotions, photographing anything from a joss stick to a battleship.

 I began as a self schooled photographer later studying for a professional City and Guilds qualification in photography. I have expertise in the use of a large range of photography equipment ranging from a basic 35mm through to 8x10" plate camera.

My images have already received wide acclaim and there is a big demand from clients to be photographed in locations of outstanding beauty. I use my natural talent for selecting the ideal location for a particular mood and my clients are always keen to accept his suggestions and advice to achieve the best artistic result.